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Post-Coronavirus Response

Eliminate Tipped Minimum Wage

The service industry and its’ employees were hit hard by the pandemic. This led to many requiring government help for their families. Many in the service industry are paid by the tipped minimum wage. Many rely on tips to have a livable wage and most do not get enough. We need one fair wage for all workers so everyone is paid for their work and are able to provide for their family. And when going on unemployment they are able to get a higher amount in benefits when another disaster hits.

Disconnect Healthcare from Job Employment

Healthcare is a human right. We are grateful for the healthcare providers and first responders and their amazing work during the pandemic. No one should have to worry about their health insurance during a pandemic. We need to disconnect health insurance from employment. If you become unemployed you should not also lose your health insurance, especially when you need it most. We have to work to provide government health insurance for all. It is easier for small businesses, who don’t have to worry about providing healthcare and employees who don’t have to worry about deciding between their health or their paycheck.

Universal Vote by Mail

Our democracy is important to protect and allow everyone to participate without barriers. We need to make it easy for everyone to vote and no one has to worry about their voice being heard. Massachusetts needs to adopt universal Vote by Mail so a pandemic can never endanger our democracy. This would allow every registered voter to be sent a ballot with paid postage to return to their clerk’s office.

Relieve Student Debt

Young people and even parents to young families still have thousands of dollars in student loans that need to be paid off. With the pandemic hitting hard and causing unemployment for many young people, we are left with few resources to continue payment. We want any stimulus checks to be sent back into the economy, not to paying off debts. We need to cancel most or all student loan debt so this doesn’t cause families to go into bankruptcy whether or not a pandemic is occurring. We can’t have people deciding between providing for their families and paying off student loans.

Financial Relief for Small Businesses

Small businesses were hit hard by the pandemic. We are grateful for their cooperation with social distancing guidelines and we need to provide a lifeline to them. We can help with forgivable loans so we don’t have to reopen too quickly that we endanger people’s safety. This allows businesses to pay bills, rent and employees so they don’t have to close permanently.

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