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Together we can build towards a better future


Make the MBTA affordable, reliable and safe

  • Electrify the Commuter Rail

  • Fully Fund and expand Regional Transit Authorities like GATRA

  • Create a fairer and simpler fare system


We can deal with the effects of climate change, and prevent further destruction of the environment

  • Continue to invest in the manufacturing and expansion of renewable technology 

  • Pass the next generation of the Stretch Code with Net Zero Building Codes.

  • Continue to work for Environmental Justice and include the communities most impacted by climate change in the solutions to solve it.


We can make sure our children's education will put them on the path to succeed

  • Invest in universal childcare and early education

  • Reform Standardized testing and end MCAS

  • Invest and expand Technical schools for primary and secondary education

  • Invest and expand in community colleges to be a tuition free option

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