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Reform Standardized Testing

Standardized testing reduces teaching time, narrows the curriculum taught in schools and raises stress, while reducing creativity in students. We have alternatives to the MCAS that are in the works and should be seriously considered. We want students to rise to their full potential and standardized testing harms that possibility.

Debt-Free Public Higher Institution

Financial limitations, should not lead to education limitations. Anyone should be able to go to college who gets accepted, without worrying about how to pay for it. College is not as cheap as it used to be, we need to provide an education without forcing our children into debt. Debt doesn’t just limit their educational opportunities it limits their lives after graduation. It limits the ability to live where they want to, begin a family when they want to, and to start a business. We need to allow graduates to have economic freedom after graduation.

Faire Share Amendment

After passing the Student Opportunity Act, we need to make sure that we fully fund the promises we made. We need to pass the 4% surtax on income over $1
million to make sure we generate enough revenue to fund our schools.

Invest in Technical Schools

Regular schools are not for everyone. We need to support and promote technical schools as an alternative. Students can get real life skills and still get paid well to support their future dreams. Many view Tech schools as lesser than regular schools. This is not true and it allows a pathway for many people who want to work in more labor-based trades. Workers in these trades are needed and can support families.

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