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Modernize the MBTA

We need to begin the process of electrification of our commuter rail system which would allow us to increase the frequency of trains and to create a clean transportation system. This will lead to higher capacity, and a decrease of congestion and pollution on our roads. We can begin with the Providence line that due to Amtrak has electrification already built-in for most of the line.

Fully fund and expand Regional Transit Authorities like GATRA

We need to better utilize our existing transportation infrastructure to move more commuters efficiently. We can improve existing routes to have greater access to buses that would decrease the traffic and parking at local MBTA stations. We can create new routes to better connect residences to the places they need to go in town.

Expand Commuter Bus

We can create more alternatives to singular occupant vehicles commuting into the city. On the north shore there are multiple commuter bus routes that helps decongest our roadways. We should expand these options to the south shore that will create more options for commuters

Create a fairer, simpler fare system

Our current fare system is disconnected and requires multiple cards to connect to various forms of transportation. We need to continue the work on a universal fare system for the MBTA and RTAs. We also need to reform the fares and make them simpler and more affordable. We need to decrease the disparity of fares within the same town.

Explore Plans for Expansion Public Transportation

  1. Connect the North-South Link

  2. Create the East-West Rail

  3. Extend Subway lines to Route 128 to decrease the use of congested roads going in to Boston

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